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Useful Properties of Water To Be Aware of

Water Properities

Experts often emphasize the beneficial effects of water and the fact that a person needs to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. This might sound like a fairly large amount, but it actually means that you need to drink about half a glass of water every waking hour, which is not that difficult, especially if you know that it benefits you. Our body is two-thirds water and we constantly need to replenish the body’s water reserves. Only when we breathe, we lose about 2-3 glasses of water per day.

Useful Properties of Water To Be Aware of


In many cases, when you are feeling hungry, you are actually thirsty. Your body can give the same signals, and only common sense will help you figure out if you are hungry or not. Try drinking water first and if you see that hunger has passed, then you actually had a thirst.

This method is good for those who want to lose weight. A glass of water will help to alleviate hunger and reduce the amount of food you eat.

Elastic skin

Water helps maintain healthy-looking skin and gives it elasticity. Sun exposure and pollution often affect these important skin characteristics. Water detoxifies the body by removing water-soluble toxins and waste products that easily enter the intestines, which also need water for regular emptying.

The lack of water makes it harder for the body to remove toxins, and if they do not enter the urine, then they try to go the other way – through the skin, which leads to acne and eczema. Water also delivers oxygen, hormones, and nutrients to different areas of our body, keeping them healthy.

Fighting Excessive Sweating

Sweaty armpits may not be the best kind of hot summer dream, but they are an integral part of our body’s work. Water helps lower body temperature to optimal levels through perspiration. It also maintains a normal blood consistency, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders.

Prevention of kidney stones

Kidney stones cause unbearable pain, and you would definitely not want to experience this. By drinking two liters of water a day, you protect yourself from kidney stones. Water is a valuable solvent that prevents the accumulation of minerals and salts that cause this disturbance by dissolving salts and removing them through urine.

Strong immune system

Water maintains the acid-base pH balance within the normal range of 7.35 – 7.45. If the pH balance moves towards acidity, your body may lose its ability to take vitamins and minerals, and this will make you more vulnerable to disease. An acid-base balance above 7 improves the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, increases energy levels, and strengthens the immune system.

No back pain

Back pain is a common problem among those who spend a lot of time sitting at the computer and this is not only due to posture. It is possible to reduce back pain by drinking the correct amount throughout the day. The nucleus of the intervertebral discs is made up of large amounts of water, and dehydration can lead to back pain.

Soft Drink Water

Soft drinks are not considered water intake. The body needs water to process these drinks. Plus, they are high in sugar. If you are a tea lover, then you may well alternate tea and water. However, remember that you can overdo it with water intake, so do not exceed the norm.

Why does the water in plastic bottles have a shelf life?

It is summer now, hot, sunny and you very often reach for a bottle of cold water. You open a bottle, bring it to your mouth, and find that the water has expired 2 months ago. Apparently, the bottle is a little dusty. Is there a cause for concern? Of course not, the water does not spoil. After the expiration date printed on the bottle, the water also deteriorates like sugar or salt.

There are several reasons why expiration dates are put on drinking water bottles. Chief among these is government bureaucracy: water is a consumable food product, and as such, it is subject to laws that require expiration dates for all food consumed. In addition, the established shelf life on water bottles is certain advantages for manufacturers.

Although the water itself does not deteriorate over time, the plastic bottle in which it is contained has this period, at the end of which various chemicals begin to be released into the water. This does not mean that the water immediately becomes toxic, it just no longer tastes like a fresh drink from a mountain spring.

At the same time, if a consumer comes with complaints to the manufacturer regarding the taste of the water they bought, then the manufacturer may well respond to this that the water should be consumed before the expiration date indicated on the bottle.

Moreover, the companies use the same equipment for the production of drinking mineral water as for the production of sweet water, which has a shelf life. It is easier and more efficient to seal all bottles (regardless of whether it is needed there or not) than to allocate a special apparatus designed only for bottled water.

Finally, the expiration date is usually just one part of the printed code, which contains information about the manufacturer, date of bottling, and other data. While the expiration date is the most useless information when it comes to when water starts to deteriorate, other information regarding the water making process can be quite useful in case of bottling errors, product reviews, etc.

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