Wednesday, 23 Sep 2020


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7 Scariest & Weirdest Mouths Of The Animals

The animal world may seem full of all kinds of horrors, although, of course, many of the terrible creatures may be far enough away from us, or, fortunately, we may not even suspect their existence. But to the most curious, we suggest finding out about which animals it is scary to look into the mouth […]

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20 Unusual Animals | You Did Not Know About

Looking at some representatives of the animal world, it is impossible not to be surprised at the imagination and ingenuity of Mother Nature. Some of these animals live exclusively in one place on Earth, others are on the verge of extinction, and we can only see them from the screen of our monitor. Here are […]

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Amazing Animals With The Most Unusual Skin

One of the very important organs of the body is the skin. Human skin has a number of features: it is soft, smooth, elastic and, nevertheless, perfectly able to protect our body from environmental influences, hiding muscles, blood vessels, and organs underneath. The skin allows us to protect our body from parasites and microscopic pests […]

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10 Most Interesting Animals | Sahara Desert

On Earth, a huge number of rare, beautiful and unusual animals. But the animals of the Sahara desert are on the list of those who were able to adapt to the harsh conditions of the desert, so they can be included in the list of the most interesting animals of our planet. Sahara animals are […]

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Python With Emoticons On The Skin

Photos that depict a snake with unusual skin markings recently circled the internet. Why did the snake so attract attention? It’s all about her unusual color. The snake seems to be covered with yellow emoticons. The Royal Lavender Albino Python belongs to Justin Kobylka, a selective breeder from Georgia, USA. The unusual color of the […]

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