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Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks

In the category of alcoholic beverages  there are special representatives that are distinguished by exclusivity, rarity, and natural price. Some drinks have become the most expensive due to their age, which can reach several hundred years.

Other alcoholic drinks have an incredibly high price due to the unique work done by designers who used rare, expensive materials to create an exclusive product.

Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks

The most expensive cognac

Cognac Cuvee Leonie ( crop of 1858 (bottled in 1859) from Cognac Croizet is the most expensive in the world. In September 2011, at an auction in Paris, this 153-year-old cognac was sold for 156,740 US dollars, which also became the reason for its registration in the Guinness Book of Records.

In addition to the drink itself, the price includes an unusual bottle decorated with gold and precious stones. It is worth noting that this cognac became known after Winston Churchill and General Dwight Eisenhower decided to open a drink delivered from French cellars to mark the victory of the Allies in World War II.

The most expensive whiskey

A large crystal decanter filled with The Macallan Imperiale “M” rare whiskey was sold at Sotheby in Hong Kong for $ 628,205, making it the most expensive whiskey in the world. First, it is worth noting the bottle: The Macallan Imperiale “M” has a height of more than 70 cm and can accommodate 6 liters of whiskey. 17 artisans worked on its creation, which took more than 50 hours to finish work on the bottle.

At the Macallan distillery in Scotland, a local whiskey maker spent 2 years to select 7 out of over 200,000 barrels whose contents could be blended to form an “M”. Before the sale of this whiskey, the record belonged to another whiskey from Macallan – a 64-year-old scotch tape, which was sold in New York in 2010 for $ 460,000.

The most expensive champagne

An elite champagne brand called Goût de Diamants has released a product called “Taste of Diamonds” (the taste of diamonds), and the most interesting is that the champagne itself contains a real diamond. The surface of the bottle of the most expensive champagne in the world is decorated with a diamond, which makes the bottle a great gift for a wedding, birthday, or anniversary. At the same time, you need to have 1.8 million dollars to understand the taste of diamonds.

Bottle designer Alexander Amosu. He also suggested engraving the name on an 18-carat gold label, which also adorns the bottle, the name of the buyer. A 19-carat diamond is in the center of the label.

The most expensive beer in the world

Belgian beer Vieille Bon Secours for 1,165 US dollars holds 12 liters of beer. So far, this is the most expensive bottle of beer in the world, created by the Caulier brand. It is worth noting that Vieille Bon Secours was found in the basement of the Belgo restaurant in London in 2009. It lay there for 10 years.

A mug of this beer (8% alcohol) will cost you about $ 55. Now, this beer can only be found in the London bar Bierdrome.

The most expensive vodka in the world

Le Billionaire Vodka from Leon Verres is worth $ 3.7 million. After the great success of Billionaire champagne, Mr. Veres decided to release the most expensive vodka in the world. Each bottle has a volume of 5 liters. A bottle is decorated with gold accents, as well as 3,000 diamonds, which make it the most expensive in the world.

It is worth noting that vodka is made using advanced technologies from the highest grades of Russian wheat. It is filtered using a special device treated with diamond chips. Vodka is passed through this device several times. You can find it only inexpensive bars and restaurants in the world, where the buyer will also receive snow-white gloves as a gift, which contains a gilded inscription with the name of vodka.

The most expensive rum in the world

Put up for auction, the world’s most expensive rum (or rather a collection of 12 bottles of rum) was sold at Christie’s for $ 128,000. It is believed that it was created by slaves from Barbados in 1780, which makes it not only the most expensive, but also the oldest.

Rum bottles have been kept for centuries in the basement of a Leeds estate, where they were found covered in mud. In total, 12 bottles were put up for auction, 5 of which were sold for $ 13,400, 7 bottles left the auction for $ 8,600.

The most expensive wine in the world

A 12-liter bottle of 2009 Chateau Margaux wine was sold for $ 203,000. A total of 6 bottles were created, of which half went under the hammer. The wine was produced from Chateau Margaux vineyards in the Medoc wine region north of Bordeaux, France. Chateau Margaux 2009 is one of the best products ever created by the French brand, its authors say.

The most expensive tequila in the world

The full name of the world’s most expensive tequila is Ultra Premium Tequila Ley .925 Pasión Azteca, and a one-liter bottle of this drink costs $ 225,000. It is 100% blue agave and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive bottle of whiskey ever sold.

Bottle designer Fernando Altamirano, CEO of Ley .925. The bottle itself is handmade and can be divided into two parts – one half is made of platinum and the other is white gold. Both halves are sealed with a platinum logo. For an additional fee of $ 100,000, the company will find you one of several bottles decorated with diamonds. In this case, the price may increase to 1.5 million US dollars per bottle.

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