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Category: Food

What Drinks Should Not Be Mixed With Alcohol?

Many people decide to decorate the festive table with alcoholic drinks, while they do not think about which alcoholic drinks can and should not be mixed. In addition to the holidays, there are also days when it is warm on the street and you want to have a picnic by taking certain drinks with you. […]

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Top 7 Thirst Quenching Drinks

June 11, In the heat, a person loses about 2-3 liters of fluid. Because of this, the mental state worsens, dizziness, weakness begins, and there is a risk of dehydration and fainting. It is necessary to constantly maintain the body’s water balance, but with what? We offer 7 drinks that best help you cope with […]

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10 Strange Dishes | Around The World

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that it can be eaten at all, but gourmets of some parts of the world consider these dishes to be delicacies. In some countries, these dishes are quite ordinary food, although for others it may seem that eating such things is generally impossible. In especially fastidious ones, one of their […]

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Strangest Soups In The World

Many of us love to eat a plate of delicious steaming soup that will satisfy our hunger for lunch. Soups – hearty and healthy dishes that are prepared from what you have in the refrigerator. Maybe you have a bat or tiger penis lying around in your refrigerator? In the world, there are soups that […]

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Expensive Coffee | Made From Elephant Excrement

The most expensive coffee in the world, called “Black Tusk”, is made from the fruits of coffee, eaten and overcooked by Thai elephants, and costs $ 1,100 per kilogram. According to those who have tasted coffee, an exotic drink made from elephant excrement has a rich, mild taste due to the process of digestion in […]

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