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Water Properities

Useful Properties of Water To Be Aware of

Experts often emphasize the beneficial effects of water and the fact that a person needs to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. This might sound like a fairly large amount, but it actually means that you need to drink about half a glass of water every waking hour, which is not that […]

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Drink Water

12 Myths and Facts About Water That Will Surprise You

Water is the basis of life not only for man but for our entire planet. It is the main component of living organisms. It would seem that we all know about water, about its properties and benefits. But the process of cognition does not stop, and science opens up new facts. Unfortunately, along with scientific […]

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Coca-Cola Contains Cancer Causing Ingredient

The caramel dye used in Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and some other drinks is contaminated with two chemicals that cause cancer and should have been banned, said the Center for Science in the public interest, in the United States. Coca-Cola Contains Cancer-Causing Ingredient Unlike caramel, which can be made at home by melting sugar in a saucepan, […]

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Unexpected Fast Food Effects

For a long time, the media has been telling us that there is a serious connection between fast food and obesity. However, some nutrition experts have noticed that this “fast food” not only contributes to the appearance of excess weight but also has a number of side effects. He tried to show it in his […]

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Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks

In the category of alcoholic beverages  there are special representatives that are distinguished by exclusivity, rarity, and natural price. Some drinks have become the most expensive due to their age, which can reach several hundred years. Other alcoholic drinks have an incredibly high price due to the unique work done by designers who used rare, […]

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