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Category: Animal

How Do Cats See The World?

What do cats see? Artist Nickolay Lamm, who showed what a modern city would look like on other planets and demonstrated how people would look in 100,000 years, decided to look at the world through the eyes of cats. Lamm consulted with ophthalmologists and other cat specialists to create an image of how cats see […]

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Is It True That Cats Have 9 Lives?

Often we hear that cats have nine lives. Of course, science denies such rumors, citing many arguments that this is not so. Here are the facts that lie behind the mythical number 9, to which superstitious people attribute the number of lives of mustachioed beasts. 9 Cat Lives Are cats capable of rebirth, or are […]

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9 Signs | Your Cat Adores You

Have you ever wondered if your cat loves you? Cats are independent creatures and can express their love in rather unusual ways. Some may be obvious, other manifestations of an attachment may have a hidden meaning. Perhaps you have never before paid attention to the signs of love that your pet showed. Here are 9 […]

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8 Kindest Breeds Of Cats

Each cat owner knows about the known stereotypes associated with these animals, namely that they are inert, indifferent and temperamental. Here you will find a list of cat breeds, which, according to experts, are the friendliest. To begin with, it is worth noting that the level of friendliness of any cat depends not so much […]

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