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Category: Animal

Amazing Facts About Spider

Why does a spider always find you The spider is one of the organisms most sensitive to vibrations, second only to cockroaches in this matter. The hungry spider senses even the most silent movements and changes in the airflow. According to a new study published in the journal Journal of the Royal Society Interface, a […]

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Amazing Eyes of Horse Spiders

The field of view of an eight-eyed horse spider is almost 360 degrees, according to new studies. Scientists have found that these “all-seeing spiders” can perfectly see a person, and can also watch videos with nature. This study tried to describe how each of the 8 eyes of a spider works. During the experiments, the […]

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10 Unusual Spiders

Attention! If you are afraid of spiders, you might not want to study this list, but in this case, you should not be afraid, as you will find that these creatures are more likely to be surprised than creepy. Spiders never cease to amaze, they are the most common predators in the world, moreover, they […]

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Most Unusual Features of Spiders

Spiders can cause fear or disgust, but these are some of the most amazing living things on the planet. These animals do not belong to the class of insects, as you might think, but are allocated in a separate group – arachnids, among which you can also find squads of ticks and scorpions. Spiders often […]

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10 Strangest Clams

In the depths of the sea, you can sometimes find incredible creatures that hide at an impressive depth and which not everyone can meet. Some of the most interesting creatures of the oceans are animals such as mollusks. There are more than 150 thousand species (if known), each year zoologists add to this list all-new […]

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